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Bird watching Tick List
Bird watching Tick List
Bird watching Tick List
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Our software has won the following awards for quality and is listed and reviewed on these websites:
Bird Tick List Pro is the most powerful bird watching database on the market, developed from modern technologies
and yet despite it's outstanding performance and functionality, it is user friendly and intuitive; you will be adding
records and producing reports in no time.
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Bird Tick List Free, is a straight forward tool for building your life list of birds. Sightings are easy and quick to input
yet the report section provides a detailed list of how many birds you have seen, grouped by family name and totals
for each family. This program has more features that many other programs on the market which are being sold for
£30+ but we are giving it away free!
A desktop application for managing your bird images and information, with slideshow and powerful filtering function
to ensure every image is organised in your own personal birding library.
Tick List Software has produced a database, based on the Clements 6.5 taxonomy of the worlds birds called Mobile
Birder Taxonomic, containing 11230 birds from around the world and are giving it away free!
Mobile birder is a powerful, feature packed program (sometimes known as an App), which you load onto your touch
screen mobile phone or PDA.
Once loaded you can keep a record of the birds that you have seen, create a Ďlife listí search through your records,
add images and much more.
Carp Anglers Journal is produced using the latest technologies by anglers for anglers. It's designed to be easy to
use and yet has many very powerful features. No matter where you fish or how you fish you can record it all in
quickly on your PC. Carp Angling software is an essential part of your fishing tackle!
You can use Anglers Diary to enter just your own catches, but many enthusiasts enter their friends catches and fish
they read about in the angling press or hear about on Internet forums, this gives a very informative analysis when you
produce reports, for example a report on one of your chosen locations will list all fish caught there, the dates they
were caught, by whom, on what bait and what weight they were!! Patterns will soon emerge which you can use to
predict your future fishing trips.
Sea Kayaking...
Sea Kayak Journal is a free software program specifically designed for Sea kayakers.
Itís a way of creating fantastic accounts of your sea kayaking adventures; you can share them with others or simply
re-visit your trips on cold winterís nights.
The Journal can be brought to life with video, images and maps of the route you took.

Never before has it been so easy to bring all of your kayak memories together, and never has it been so much fun!
sea kayak journal
My Diet Diary FREE         (Link takes you to another of our websites)
My Diet Diary keeps track of the weight you have lost so far, the weight you have lost since your last weigh in, how
much weight you still have to lose and of course your current weight.

Very simple to set up and use, once installed it will take you minutes to be up and running.

Track your weight by entering your regular weigh in, the program will draw a graph showing your weight lose in
relation to your target weight.

Keep track of your calorie intake on a daily basis, enter the food and drink you have consumed throughout the day
and the program will create a graph showing your calorie intake along side your allocated amount of calories. The
graph will highlight whether or not you are exceeding targets.
Health and Fitness...
Screenshot of my diet diary
My Exercise Diary FREE          (Link takes you to another of our websites)
My Exercise Diary is a free program you can download and install onto your PC. It helps you record your exercise
sessions with sections for anaerobic, aerobic and jogging.

Once you have entered several sessions the program will create charts and reports which indicate your performance

'My Exercise Diary' also includes a 'Dashboard' which summarises your fitness in the different exercise categories.
The program also estimates your ability to complete a Marathon and the time it will take you based on national
Screenshot of my exercise diary
Welcome to our website. We create software for hobbies and health, we love what we do and hope that shows in the quality of our products. Most of what we produce is free and if we say free we mean free!  All of our software is written by us, we do not list other peoples software.

Currently we have free software for:

Health and Fitness

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Bird Tick List Free has been awarded 5 out of 5 stars by 'Soft For Sale' Website!
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